Thoughts about Boston

Like everyone else in America, and possibly a significant amount of people scattered across the globe, I have been watching the coverage about the explosions (and resulting injuries and deaths) with baited breath… and simmering anger. I withheld comment for several days because as I suspected, the media stumbled over the story, with a few […]

Well, DUH!!!

  Here I am sitting and complaining when I could actually be accomplishing something that I just finished complaining about NOT accomplishing! (Did that make any sense?). There are only a couple of surefire ways (for me) to reduce stress. The first way is to get with God, either with prayer, Bible study, or both. […]

Getting stressed…

Things are getting REAL now… And I am getting stressed out. There are not enough hours in the day for me to accomplish what I often intend on accomplishing when I wake up in the morning. Speaking of waking up in the morning, one of the reasons I may not accomplish everything I want to […]

Okay… NOW is the conclusion of Genesis!

Previously, I was examining the story of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis. Joseph’s brothers have sold him into slavery in Egypt. I wonder if it was worth it, or were they consumed by guilt? Anyway, the story, of course, continues. (Can you imagine this being a soap opera? It has everything a good soap […]