What a compelling book of non-fictitious fiction!

My passion has risen again, and I am fighting the urge to respond to certain individuals in a manner that I know is inappropriate. It is hard because I am tired of the Bible being referred to as “a book of fiction” and Jesus as a “mystical character”.

Technically, I am supposed to be concerned about the condition of the antagonists’ soul when they make comments such as these. This is an area where I still require growth. My first inkling when my beliefs are attacked in such an unfounded manner is to get angry. Perhaps because, along with taking great offense to my Lord being mocked, I do not like having my intelligence questioned.

So my questions for those individuals were:

Do you believe that Pontius Pilate existed?

Do you believe that Herod existed?

Do you believe that Ahab, Nebuchadnezzar,  existed?

Was there a Babylon? Persia?

The answers to those questions were yes.

Then why is it so difficult to accept that Jesus lived? Just as there is proof in documents and writings OTHER than the Bible that those men existed, so too exists the same proof of the life of Jesus.

Sometimes people get too “smart” for their own good. Scientists tend to forget that many years ago, the overwhelming belief was that the earth was flat. Isaiah told us the earth was round and that was a LOOOOOONG time ago.

Archaeologists have uncovered the remnants of cities of Biblical times as well as the architectural foundations of Biblical-time structures. There has been evidence to support the flood, the wars, and other individuals, groups, and events mentioned in the Bible. Not to mention the bazillion prophecies that were written in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New, or being seen today (false prophets and false Christs, anyone? Increase in wars, famines and natural disasters as a mark of the end times?). People can widely accept these facts, but nothing that has to do with God and Jesus.

When I pointed this out, no rational explanation was given at that point.

Like I have said before, I have take no issue with people who do not believe what I believe. But do not insult me, especially when you have no grounds to do so. When it comes to Jesus, that is an argument that you will lose with me every time.

For the Bible to be a work of fiction, it sure has a lot of truth to it. How interesting.

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