Ode to Vanilla Extract


Oh, vanilla extract…how do I love thee?.. let me count the ways…

After two weeks or so of increasingly excruciating tooth pain, I have found something to ease my suffering. I have asked people for suggestions and searched the Web. I tried clove oil, which was hailed as a pain-relieving behemoth, only to have my face fried like a hamburger. I tried several “remedies” I found on various websites–garlic, mixtures of cayenne and black pepper, black pepper, an onion, lemon juice, salt water, mouthwash (which does provide temporary relief), salt and pepper…

The only thing I found out by trying all of those things–in a relatively short amount of time out of desperation, mind you–is that my gag reflex is just as active as the day is long. LOL!!!!

The last website I went to suggested vanilla extract. It seemed safe enough–not as disgusting as a mixture of seasonings that you would typically use to coat your fried chicken–and not harmful if used more than four times a day, like Anbesol. I had nothing to lose, so I tried it.

The tooth pain had disappeared within seconds.

It has come back every thirty minutes or so, but a couple dab-a-doos of vanilla extract and it dissipates just as quickly as it presents. I am going to capitalize on it and attempt to get some sleep. I have been a zombie lately, and have not even had the opportunity to fully begin celebrating this HOLY WEEK!!

But I would like to thank God for giving us the vanilla bean that has provided me with such comfort 🙂



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