A joyful thank you…

My tooth is THROBBING. I am going to take the strongest pain pill I have, and hopefully fall asleep.

My mother also had a toothache, but unlike me, she has the health insurance and funds to get hers taken care of immediately. She went to the dentist this morning, and he immediately set her up to have a root canal this afternoon. She’ll be fine by tomorrow. I, on the other hand, will have to suffer for just awhile longer. Fortunately, their dentist is also the one I went to as a youth, and he is willing to work with me in terms of the cost for an examination and x-rays to determine the problem. What he is asking for is extremely reasonable, and God bless him for that. Now I just pray that the underlying problem is nothing that will be too expensive.

So I am done for tonight, but not before I thank anyone who has glanced at even one word of my blog. I do not write to pursue fame, I write because it makes me feel good and helps me process my own thoughts and emotions. It also helps me learn. And I cannot tell you how good it feels to have people not only read, but LIKE what I wrote.

Thank you to anyone who has read or thought to read–God bless you. And for those who do not read, or read and do not like–God bless you too 🙂

PRAY FOR MY TOOTH IT IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!  I’d rather go through natural childbirth again–at least that was relatively quick!!!!


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