Life is fleeting.

This morning, one of my relatives died in a car accident.

I have a large family–my mom is one of ten children, my dad is the youngest of twelve. They both have an innumerable host of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. A lot of them live here in Michigan, some in Ohio, some in Alabama, and I believe some in Tennessee, in addition to other states. Our family reunions when I was a child were always fun, but confusing–I NEVER knew who all those people were!

But it did not matter that I sometimes had to be reminded of who they were–I still manage to recognize most of them and get close to knowing their name if I bump into them on the street. Also, my family has gotten pretty tech-saavy–my aunts and uncles, all over 50 years old now, use the Internet to communicate with the rest of the family.

This particular relative is the daughter of one of my mother’s cousins. I did not know her well. I have not seen her in years. However, I know who she is. She was a young woman, only 41 years old, and for reasons unknown, she crashed into a guard rail off the expressway, and her car ended up flipping over. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. What compounds the sadness in this situation is that she just buried her father several months ago–he had been living with an illness for some time, and she and her sister had cared for him diligently until his death.

And now she is gone. After sacrificing a significant chunk of her life and probably neglecting her new marriage in the process, she is gone (she has only been married since 2010).

We take our lives for granted. None of us wakes up in the morning thinking we are going to die. I make it a point to pray regularly, and particularly before I drive, but my plan for my day may be in stark contrast to what God’s will is for me. And guess what–God is going to win every time.

I do not have much else to say, other than I am using my cousin’s death as another reason to jump start my life. What is funny is that the devil knows how to attack when someone is down. Right now, I am vulnerable, and wouldn’t you know it, all kinds of doubts and bad thoughts started creeping into my head. All of a sudden I was reminded of my toothache, and how I have been praying for help with that and yet, the toothache is still here. All of  a sudden I remembered that I still have heard nothing about that job yet. That Satan is a wily character, I tell you that.

His tactics have backfired. If anything I have gained more appreciation for the fact that my day was relatively uneventful. I enjoyed a good church service and a fantastic Sunday dinner with my husband, kids, and parents. (My dad makes a mean pork chop!) Yes, my toothache hurts. But I am still on this side of the dirt as of now. I am antsy about the job, but there is still tomorrow, whereas for my cousin, her earthly life has come to an end.

I emerged from my final class in my graduate program with yet another A, so my 4.0 is intact. I am pleased. I am looking forward to the capstone project–whatever that entails–graduating, and eventually pursuing my PhD. I came upon a program at the University of Michigan that sounds absolutely intriguing–Health Behavior and Health Education. I actually got excited while I was reading the course descriptions and other information. It just screams ME!!!!!! BUT, I do not want to pursue another degree until my husband achieves some of his academic goals. It’s only fair.

Now I have three weeks before the next course begins. I am not going to waste it sitting and waiting for the phone to ring about a job. Yes, I am still hoping to get the one I want, but in the meantime, I am going to enjoy my time with my daughter, visit my son’s school more, kick up my fitness a notch, and do some writing on The Dutiful Deaconess. I am also going to get back to writing out my index cards with Scriptures and little encouraging quotes on them to carry around in times of spiritual weakness. I can be gone before I know it, and I do not want my last minutes to have been spent being miserable. I hope my cousin wasn’t either.




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