Mid-day (kind of) prayer

I have not yet heard anything about the job I have been hoping for, but I did check to make sure it has not been filled, and it has not. There are also several other jobs that I had applied for last month that are still available. I would be happy to have any of them, but I really want that last one.

I would love for my husband to be able to pursue and fulfill his dream of going to law school. I saw an opportunity and jumped on it–there is a very good law school around here that is hosting an open house. I saw an Internet advertisement right before the deadline to register for attendance and signed my husband up for it. I know some of you may think that is overstepping a boundary, but I wanted to secure the spot for him in case he wanted to go–and I know he is interested.

I would like to pursue my PhD one day, but not a minute before my husband gets whatever degree he wants under his belt. I will have a Bachelor’s and Master’s come August. Hence the following prayer:

O Heavenly Father,

First let me thank you for making it this far throughout the day. It has been good. Father, so far as I know, my son is okay at school and my husband is okay at work. My daughter is with me and she is fine. All is well with my soul.

Please forgive me for my sins–anything I have said, done, or even thought that has been displeasing to you, I pray that you will not only forgive me, but remove those sinful words, deeds, and thoughts from me. I thank you for making me the person I am today and ask that you continue to allow your Son Jesus Christ to increase in me while I decrease.

Father, please bless those going through times of bereavement, times of sickness, times of distress. Please continue to keep children safe at schools and adults safe at work. Be with us who claim to be Christian–allow us to shine our light on a dying world.

Father, I thank you everyday for giving me the husband you gave me. He works tirelessly to provide for his family. Not only does he work, but he comes home and takes care of the kids just as well as I do. I am so proud of him, but Father, I hate the thought of him getting discouraged because he works so much yet we still have things we want but can’t attain. I am proud of how bold he is for the Lord. I am proud of his resolve for the Lord. I am proud of the Christian man he has committed himself to being, and how he dedicates himself to daily prayer, study, worship, and teaching from our pastor and deacons. It makes me proud to see him stand before the church. It makes me even more proud to watch him religiously educate our children with such zeal.

When I was immature in the faith, I would pray to you and just make requests of you just because. I do hope this is not my tone with this prayer. I am asking on behalf of my hard-working husband, who deserves all of the blessings you so desire to give him.

Father, you know of my husband’s ambitions. It is not his desire to spend the rest of his life working in a plant. Father, I hate that he goes to work to take care of us and gets scalded and is inhaling dust, chemicals, and particles that may ultimately affect his lungs. I appreciate that he goes everyday for us, but now Father, I pray you will allow me to do something wonderful to take care of him.

Father, I pray that my husband will hear something at this informational session this evening and be encouraged. I pray that you will open his mind and allow him to see his own capabilities. I pray that someone will say something to help him make the decision that will please him. Father, I would love for him to be able to go to school, and be able to provide some income to supplement the family so he can concentrate on his studies. Father, I ask right now that you will bless us to this manner. I just really want for something to go the way he would like for it to go in his life. He has worked very hard and his faith in you continues to increase. I just love him for that.

Father, I thank you again. I had my own ideas about what kind of man I would like–Boy was I wrong. I am glad you know all things and designed someone especially for me. I am glad you designed our children especially for us. Father, please make me over into the best wife and mother that they could possibly dream of!

In the awesome, mighty name of your Son Jesus I do pray and ask these things,




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