Was God the author of the Big Bang?

Will there ever be a convergence of science and religion?

Recently, I engaged a few people in a discussion of whether or not creationism should be taught in elementary schools. A lot of people felt that this would be a violation of the separation of church and state doctrine. I am an open-minded person (to an extent) and I appreciate the contributions that have been made to mankind in the name of science, although I am quick to point out that without God’s enlightenment, man would know nothing–basically, God has allowed our knowledge to increase, and now we want to say we made all of these discoveries on our own. But I digress… I learned about evolution in school. I was not offended by it, but I chose not to believe it. If people believe in evolution, that is not a problem with me, yet when I voiced that very opinion and added that I do believe we should be taught both, I became the subject of some serious backlash (not that I cared).

The subject of the Big Bang theory came up soon thereafter, and I looked to Genesis and asked how can we be sure that Genesis does not mention the “Big Bang”? Hypothetically speaking, couldn’t the Big Bang have occurred when God spoke the words “let there be light”?


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