These young people need HELP…

Earlier this morning, a friend of mine who I have known since we were both tweens showed me a disturbing video on her cell phone.

For anyone who has never been to the website World Star Hip Hop, let me warn you–it is one of the worst sites ever. I will admit, I used to go to the website and look at some of the videos, but over the past several years the website hosts videos that only portray Black people in the worst light possible and I will not support it. For the record, this same video is also on youtube and several other sites, but I put up the link to WSHH for a reason.

The video is disturbing to watch, and basically portrays a brawl that took place in a Coney Island in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Michigan area. It is disturbing for several reasons–the level of violence and brutality that speaks to a larger societal problem; the fact that a gun is made visible by one of the young men in the video; the fact that several individuals in the brawl appear to be wearing letters associated with at least one Black fraternity and sorority; and mostly, the questionable character or lack thereof of the “men” involved.

As I watched the video, and watched a young lady who appeared to have done nothing to provoke the melee, I was confused. At what point in time did this type of mob behavior become widely acceptable? I am not that much older than these kids, yet it has never crossed my mind to pummel another human being–the few fights I got into when I was a kid were unavoidable, even after I tried to walk away, which I ALWAYS did. I have never started a fight in my entire life, yet these kids go out looking for them.

What part of jumping someone is not considered cowardly these days? Is the Internet and social media to blame? Or perhaps poor parenting? I understand the idea of a mob or pack mentality that may contribute to such a phenomenon–to an extent. I had my friends when I was a kid, and I loved them…. yet there were things we did not do, and things I would not have gone along with had they done. Beating someone for sport was one of them.

For the kids who think that type of behavior is cool, not really. What you really look like when you jump someone and when you pull a gun is a cowardly punk. Too afraid to have a fair one on one fight, no weapons involved, and face the possibility of getting your butt kicked. Fighting someone who is too afraid or unable to fight back–cowardly. And let me bold this, because one of the most disgusting aspects of the video was this: YOUNG MEN, REAL YOUNG MEN OF CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY, WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PART OF THIS FOOLISHNESS. Since when is it okay for men to be involved in fights among women? Dudes, that is absolutely disgusting on your part. Although I have never been a part of a sorority (I was NOT about to be hazed by ANYBODY), I understand what the founders of those organizations were attempting to do when they started these organizations. Videos such as this, with members fighting with their letters on, show that in some ways these organizations have strayed from their original intents and purposes, and now members are treating them like gangs instead of the reputable organizations they used to be.

As for the video, it seems the police are working to identify the people involved. I wish I knew who they were so I could turn them in myself. This behavior is disgusting, yet, look at the comments posted on WSHH–people are totally desensitized to this type of violence. It makes me happy that I am grown and not a part of this generation, but fearful for my children.

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