What a compelling book of non-fictitious fiction!

My passion has risen again, and I am fighting the urge to respond to certain individuals in a manner that I know is inappropriate. It is hard because I am tired of the Bible being referred to as “a book of fiction” and Jesus as a “mystical character”. Technically, I am supposed to be concerned […]

Ode to Vanilla Extract

  Oh, vanilla extract…how do I love thee?.. let me count the ways… After two weeks or so of increasingly excruciating tooth pain, I have found something to ease my suffering. I have asked people for suggestions and searched the Web. I tried clove oil, which was hailed as a pain-relieving behemoth, only to have […]

My pumpkins

I am spent, and I am going to hopefully fall asleep to one of my Golden Girls DVDS… I know because of this stupid tooth I’ll be up every 15-20 minutes, but I still need to try to get some sleep. But I did want to share a picture or two… not of me because […]